Coding culture?

I have been working as software developer in multiple organizations, both open as well as closed source, and professional-grade projects as well as random, hacky projects. Personally, i am always interested in the most idiomatic way to write your code, which of course is depending of the language you are writing in, for multiple reasons:

  • Writing idiomatic code in a language will help others familiar with that language to understand your code easier. If i try to apply patterns common in Rust or Haskell like Maybe to a Python codebase, less people familiar with Python will easily understand it.
  • Writing idiomatic code will help to reduce bugs. This is the same argument that is used for design patterns, and idiomatic code is most often nothing else1. Also: Not using language-specific tricks (some consider Python’s comprehension methods there) to help persons not familiar with Python understand what is happening is totally acceptable, and an idiom by itself.
  1. If you haven’t read Design Patterns by the Gang of Four, you should consider doing so. 

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